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Python scripts are run with suexec to have your own user privileges to combine security and flexibility. Customers can install any additional modules. Standard python accounts have multi-threading enabled. The installed editors supports python syntax highlighting.

mod_python is supported
With its own IHPG (independant http process group), on Apache 2, giving user full apachectl/httpd.conf access.

mod_webkit is supported
Python servlets with Webware. Includes running your own AppServer.
Rootroute supports python 2.2. and newer. A large number of popular libraries are ready to use for the python programmer. In addition to all standard python classes; below are listed some python libraries included in all Rootroute systems and web accounts.

Python accounts

User-ready python libraries:
python-toolsextra tools for Python
py-Chartpython library for creating postscript or PDF charts
py-Checkerpython codes checker
py-HappyDocpython tool for generate Python API documents
py-IPpython module to handle IPv4 and IPv6 address
py-Imagingpython imaging library
py-Numericfast array facility to the Python language
py-Numeric-module   extra modules for py-Numeric
py-Rijndaelpython implementation of the Rijndael encryption algorithm
py-cryptkitpython Cryptographic Toolkit
py-curlpython interface to cURL library
py-gnupgpython module for GnuPG interface
py-libpcaplibpcap bindings for Python
py-mxDateTimeDate and Time types for Python
py-mysqlPython interface to MySQL
py-optikcommand line parsing library for Python
py-psycopg-zopePostgreSQL database adapter for Python
py-sslwrapperOpenSSL Wrappers for Python
py-unitunit testing framework for python
py-xmlpython module for writing basic XML applications
py-zhCodecsPython Unicode codecs for Chinese charsets
py-GtkGtk bindings for Python
python-expatexpat module for Python, a complete XML engine.
python-mpzGNU arbitrary magnitude integer module for Python
python-testsPython testsuite
python-tkintertk GUI module for Python

Also installed:
WebWarePython Server Pages (.psp), mod_webkit servlets,
running under your own username and separate process for maximum control.
Python::Bytecodedisassemble python from within perl.
mod_pythonembed python modules and scripts faster with apache.

Check also Rootroute's web programming features

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