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PHP is available on all Rootroute accounts. Both the mod_php and cgi version of php are available. mod_php is the default setting on accounts for efficiency. php command line is also available.
Bellow a list of compiled-in php modules, ready-to-use from inside php, extending largely the commands available.

Choice of PHP Accounts

Supported database access:

mysql          the classic database, with all extended features
postgresql       A standard database for complex systems
ldap           Access to LDAP-compliant Directory Services
gdbm           gnu dbm
iodbc          open source ODBC
dbase          dbase support
filepro        filepro

rootr.net also supports running your own mysqld
database server, managed entirely by the customer.
PostGreSQL entire Servers are now available for all accounts.

Library functions supported:

curl           Client URL library functions (gopher, dict, ldap, etc)
gettext        GNU gettext support for internationalisation
imap           Mail and message access functions (IMAP, POP3, NTTP)
mhash          Hashing functions such as MD5, SHA1, etc
mcrypt         Interface to block and stream encryption algorithms
mm             Shared memory support for session storage
recode         GNU Recode support for character set conversion
snmp           Simple Network Management Protocol access functions
gd             Generate PNG or JPEG images on the fly
freetype       TTF True type font support for gd.
pdflib         Generate Adobe PDF documents dynamically

Other extra libraries supported:

calendar       extra functions
bcmath         extra math functions
trans-sid      for session management
yp functions   NIS/ yellow pages
pcre-regex     perl-compatible regular expressions
ftp            ftp from inside php scripts
xml            xml generation and auto-editing
openssl        secure socket layer
zlib           popular compression library
bz2            bzip v2, new and efficient lossless data compression
sysvsem        process semaphore
sysvshm        shared memory
sockets        internet sockets

What does this means ?
Most providers provides 2-3 modules, a few provides 7-8. the reason is that more modules costs more memory.

How are all those modules advantageous ?
When you install php programs, which is very common nowadays, having more modules makes the installation painless and much more likely to be supported. Also, if you develop your own programs, you have a lot more functions available right out of the box.

Yes, really all those libraries are compiled-in.
You can check the PHP-Info output.

Dedicated servers customers can request server-wide or cluster-wide installation of php modules.

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