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Ruby - on Rootroute-operated secure network servers

Ruby is available on all accounts. Bellow a list of server-wide libraries ready to use. Additional to all the standard modules. Ruby itself is updated regularly.

Users can install any libraries locally without asking. All accounts are fully accessible with SSH, FTP, SFTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP. If you need a library or module, just ask a support engineer to add it to the list below.

ruby-ready hosting accounts


Strong support for secure network protolcols.

Strscan Fast string lexical scanner library.
Amrita An html/xhtml template library for Ruby. It makes html documents from a template and model data.
Ruby mysql mysql interfacing from ruby. handy with your databases.
Ruby postgres Extension library to access a PostgreSQL database from Ruby.
Ruby/DBI A database independent interface for accessing databases - similar to Perl's DBI. With the following drivers: DBD/Pg, DBD/Mysql, DBD/proxy, DBD/sqlrelay, DBD/ODBC. Other drivers are possible.
mod_ruby Direct apache web server interface and accelerator. default extension filename: .rbx .
You can have mod_ruby apache directive for your sites, and have auto-reload enabled.
eruby Ruby embeded in html, a popular extension to mod_ruby.
handles .rhtml files.
RAA - druby Distributed ruby. DRb can send message to other ruby script that like Java's RMI.
RAA - ruby-rss parsing lib for creating, downloading, and caching RSS
XML Parser An interface for James Clark's expat xml library.
RAA - uconv A code conversion library for UCS-4, UTF-16, UTF-8, EUC-JP and CP932.
HTML/Template templating system
HTML/FillinForm html forms
CGI_Application cgiapp from moonwolf
tk.rb to make Tk/X11 based ruby apps
ruby-pcap interface to LBL Packet Capture library.
includes classes to access packet header fields.

What is ruby ?

Ruby is a powerfull pure object oriented language, with a flexible syntax.
Its popularity is growing and Rootroute promotes its use and abuse...
here is a more complete description, from the man page.
Ruby FAQ (local copy)
Upgrading ruby for a rootr.net account.

Other ruby starter links:

main ruby language page - http://www.ruby-lang.org
technical ressources - http://www.rubygarden.org
classes and library references - http://www.rubycentral.com/ref/

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