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Secure Hosting Plans - All Services includes:

  1. Standard Engineering support for professional users and programmers.
  2. Basic Tech support for non-technical users.


  3. Webmail, your web-based email with secure access, for each user.
  4. SMTP Access for each user.
  5. Inbox Email with POP3, IMAP and webmail synchronised, for simpler management.
  6. Support for POP3, POP3-SSL and POP3-TLS (secure mail receiving).
  7. Support for IMAP, IMAP-SSL and IMAP-TLS (secure mail receiving, with synchronisation).
  8. Support for SMTP, SMTP-SSL and SMTP-TLS (secure mail sending).
  9. Unlimited Email aliases forwarding.
  10. Unlimited Email forwarding.
  11. Email "on vacation" auto-responders.
  12. Pipe all email into your own scripts or program automatically.
  13. Procmail and formail, to screen and dispatch incoming mail, on user basis.
  14. Fetchmail to retrieve remote POP, APOP, KPOP and IMAP.
  15. Can set catch-all domain-wide email address.
  16. Can set domain-wide email redirection to exact mapped name.
  17. Filtering of obvious spam.
  18. Support for SpamAssassin spamd on all accounts.
  19. Capability to add more Email spam filters and virus filters.
  20. Email addresses can contains characters such as dots (.), underscores (_) or dashes (-).
  21. SMTP, POP3, and IMAP port-mapping, so if your connection ISP blocks or filters them, you can still get to your mail directly: SMTP on 9025, POP3 on 9110, and IMAP on 9143.
  22. For accounts with multiple domains, Each domain has an entirely separate email space of its own.
  23. Email receiver aliases can be set up in bulk, with dispatch rules.
  24. Email sender identity separate for each user.

      Security and privacy:

  25. Full SSH access.
  26. PGP and GPG privacy encryption.
  27. Free, Full Daily backup on physical Hard disk mirror.
  28. Direct access to your backup mirror in /altroot via FTP or SSH.
  29. full SFTP access - Secure FTP
  30. Accounts on servers with Physical Security
  31. SSH shell access for each individual email user.
  32. Remote SSH access can be disabled on a per-user basis.
  33. Can choose the login name of your users.
  34. rsync access, including rsync over SSH.
  35. Private directories for each of your customers and/or staff.
  36. Separate and private FTP access for each user, rather than loose 'POP3' inbox toasters.

  37. Secure Suexec for all CGI.
  38. SSL Secure web with SSL directory: the https: URL access:
  39. Included SSL service at no charge: SSLFDD.
  40. Separate and private system group.
  41. Each of your email user, also has its own separate Shell access, web directory.
  42. Web login and control panel for all users.
  43. All accounts uses OpenBSD, industry leader in secure operating system.
  44. OpenSSH support for multiple encryption, AES, Blowfish, 3DES, and others.
  45. OpenSSH support for ssh-agent, RSA or DSA authentication.
  46. SSH remote tunneling and port forwarding allowed, to use secure connections.
  47. note: OpenSSH does support all protocol versions, 1 and 2.
  48. SFS access - internet-wide secure distributed directories, self-certifying filesystem. (supported on dedicated servers only)


  49. PHP 4 with over 30 libraries extension.
  50. Perl 5.8 with several hundred modules installed, without counting standard modules.
  51. Mod_perl support.
  52. CGI::SpeedyCGI persistent perl backend support (same as "PersistentPerl").
  53. Python 2.2 with over 20 ready to use libraries, mod_python option.
  54. Ruby object oriented language support, mysql and postgresql ready.
  55. Large variety of other programming languages available.
  56. MySQL databases, accessible with PHP, perl DBI/DBD, Python, SSH, and remotely.
  57. Your own unlimited cgi-bin directories.
  58. Server-Side Includes - SSI.
  59. PostGreSQL, with its own process group.
  60. PostGreSQL users are given full "postmaster" process access (can use pg_ctl etc.)
  61. transparent html extensions mapping to dynamic web pages.
  62. Each programming language with ready-to-use libraries.
  63. Liberty to install your own programs, without asking.
  64. Access to raw access_log files, readable only by you and your group.
  65. Access to raw error_log files, readable only by you and your group.
  66. Full unix development environment and gcc suite, flex, bison, autoconf, cvs.
  67. Large choice of unix shells, sh, ksh, bash, tcsh, csh, zsh, psh.
  68. Crontab to make Automated hourly/daily/monthly jobs.
  69. @reboot crontabs.
  70. Custom authentication modules.
  71. Extensive XML subsystem with the expat library and other XML engines.
  72. Large number of already installed library for popular programming languages
  73. Supports LDAP/OpenLDAP.
  74. Supports Berkeley DB (A key-value database).
  75. Supports GDBM (hash database similar to B.DB).
  76. Server time synchronized with NIST.gov official time.

      Web subsytems:

  77. Graphical precision statistics.
  78. For accounts with multiple domains, each domain has an entirely separate web space for its own.
  79. Support for sub-domains mapping to directories.
  80. Both "http://www.example.com/" and "http://example.com/" work the same.
  81. http://example.com/~user/ - style directory for each of your users, managed by their own separate FTP access.
  82. Apache Directives control.
  83. Web login authorization to access sensitive part of sites.
  84. Shareable folders for users and groups.
  85. High performance secure web servers, managed with precision.
  86. credit card processing expansion modules ready.
  87. 24/7/365 monitoring.
  88. No caching of online data of any sort. Many ISPs cache web data to save costs, calling it proxy, "speed boost", or whatever. This is at the expense of giving outdated images, broken images, and other trickeries. We do not. All sites serve Fresh content. The data is live as soon as you upload.


  89. Support is done mostly by email or by submiting requests from the web interface, and occasionally by phone.
  90. Web authoring supports all versions of dreamweaver, hotdog pro, homesite, hotmetal, adobe pagemil, and others.
  91. Support for non-english character sets and unicode.
  92. Client-side: DHTML, XHTML, Javascript, and popular embeded client-sides.
  93. Client-side: Flash, Shockwave, Java Applets.
  94. Telnet remote access, Secure Telnet access.
  95. Public FTP directories.

Rootr.net does not advertise in advance any "coming soon" feature. Only implemented featured are listed. Un-listed features, may, or may not, be implemented. You will need to browse the map. Ask support if it is not found, or if you need implementation details.

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