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The Ruby Language FAQ

Originally by: Shugo Maeda. Now maintained by Dave Thomas with help from Andy Hunt.

Thanks Thanks to gotoken> for the original English translation. Also, thanks to Arima Yasuhiro, John Dell'Aquila, Robert Gustavsson Clemens Hintze, Josh Huber, H Morita, Aleksi Niemelä, Hugh Sasse, Conrad Schneiker, Larry W. Virden, Jim Weirich, and of course, Matz. $Revision: 1.9 $--$Date: 2002/05/02 04:13:44 $

Ruby is a modern object-oriented language, combining elements of Perl, Smalltalk, and Scheme in a simple yet powerful syntax. This document contains Frequently Asked Questions about Ruby with answers. The code examples in this document have been run using Ruby version 1.6.7. A French version of this document is available at

1. General questions

2. How Does Ruby Stack Up Against...?

3. Installing Ruby

4. Variables, constants, and arguments

5. Iterators

6. Syntax

7. Methods

8. Classes and modules

9. Builtin libraries

10. Extension library

11. Other Features

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