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Add-On Description Monthly, USD
SSL Certificates SSL certificates, compatible with over 99% of the browser market. More on SSL certificates. $45 for 1 year
IHPG Independant HTTP Process Group.
Runs Apache 2.0.x, gives full control over apachectl.
Can compile and run your own httpd server.
$0 for Medium and higher accounts
Extra Database Another separate MySQL database, localy and remotely accessible. See: MySQL. $1 for one
$9 for 12
MySQLD Stand-Alone Mysql server process.
unlimited databases.
full secure access to the root 'mysql' database.
full access to mysqladmin commands.
or $0 for medium
accounts or higher
PostGreSQL PostGreSQL is available on Basic accounts and higher
This is a whole postgresql server, so can have any number of database.
Storage Extra space for any utilisation, Fully securised, and with backup duplicate.
storage above 80GB can be placed on a dedicated server.
$1 per 100MB
$4 per 1GB
$15 per 5GB
$25 per 10GB
$225 for 100GB
$1995 per 1TB
Network Traffic - metered bandwith Extra traffic monthly allowance bandwith, for business accounts
bandwith allocation is not shared, and uses multipeering.
For Bandwith control please contact your engineer.
128 kbps  $75.00
256 kbps  $100.00
512 kbps  $175.00
1.0 Mbps  $250.00
2.0 Mbps  $400.00
5.0 Mbps  $800.00
10.0 Mbps  Contact sales
25.0 Mbps  Contact sales
100.0 Mbps  Contact sales
1.0 Gbps  Contact sales
Network Traffic - packet volume Extra traffic monthly allowance bandwith, for busy accounts
All bandwith uses multihoming peers.
Quantities above 50GB are counted in metered bandwith.
$3.00 per 1 GB
$24.00 per 10 GB
Above, metered bandwith is used.
Network: dedicated lines Dedicated lines are an option available only for colocation and dedicated servers customers.  
Additional Users Extra users with full email (staff members, clients etc.). each user has its own web control panel, ssh and ftp access,
and is manageable by the account administrator
$1 per user
$8 per 16 users
$32 per 64 users
Domain Add another fully hosted domain to your account,
with separate email addresses and website addresses
$4.95 per month
$39.95 for 10, per month
Redirected domain Full web and email redirection and aliasing $0.95 per domain per month
$9.95 per domain per year
Domain registration domains name with .com .net .org .be etc. $6.95 per domain per year
Static IP static ip for any account.
this is the default on all account, ips are not dynamic.
no charge
IP or Netblock
set of dedicated ips / subnets / netblocks. For dedicated servers and remote colocation accounts.
support@rootr.net allocates ips and netblocks according to your needs.
$1 per IP
Processes Each unit is 100 minutes per month of CPU time and 10MB of resident memory, by monthly average. The number of processes is not counted.
1 unit is approx 3 processes.
$9 for 1 unit
$84 for 10 units
DNS Management For subdomains, web and mail redirection, domain name management, and other advanved DNS fine control: split views. includes remote site monitoring
Can be stand-alone or attached to an existing account
$9 for 10
$24 for 30
$69 for 100
$299 for 500
and more contact us
OpenLDAP OpenLDAP Client included with all accounts.
OpenLDAP Server with business accounts or higher.
Optical Storage Backup Package of DVD or CDROM, containing database, website and all account backup data, includes AirMail shipping to anywhere in the world. Readable on any OpenBSD, windows, *BSD, Linux, OS-X and MAC-OS. $45.00 up-to 10GB
$95.00 up-to 50GB
HDD Storage Backup Hard drive IDE or SATA, containing database, website and all account backup data, includes AirMail shipping to anywhere in the world in a magnetic-safe parcel. Readable on OpenBSD system. $375.00 up-to 250GB
$975.00 up-to 1TB

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